Sunwolves Attendances 2018- Japan Super Rugby Crowds 2018

Here are the attendance and crowd figures for Sunwolves home games during the 2018 Super Rugby season. After SR’s revamp, the Sunwolves are officially in the Australian conference- see Australia’s crowd attendances for Super Rugby 2018 here.

Last updated after Sunwolves vs Blue Bulls at National Stadium, Singapore on 30 June, 2018

Sunwolves vs Brumbies 2018 Attendance 14,614 24 February (Sunwolves 25-32 Brumbies in Tokyo)
Sunwolves vs Rebels 2018 attendance 11,181 3 March (Sunwolves 17-37 Rebels in Tokyo)
Sunwolves vs Chiefs 2018 Attendance 13,464 24 March (Sunwolves 10-61 Chiefs in Tokyo)
Sunwolves v Waratahs 2018 Attendance 9,707 7 April (Sunwolves 29-50 Tahs in Tokyo)
Sunwolves v Blues 2018 Attendance 9,562 14 April (Sunwolves 10-24 Auckland in Tokyo).
Sunwolves v Reds 2018 Attendance 12,386 12 May (Sunwolves 63-28 Reds in Tokyo)
Sunwolves v Stormers 2018 Attendance 4,832 19 May (Sunwolves 26-23 Stormers in Hong Kong)
Sunwolves v Bulls 2018 Attendance 4,862 30 June (Sunwolves 42-37 Bulls in Singapore)

Sunwolves total attendance Super Rugby 2018:- 80,608
Sunwolves average Attendance Super Rugby 2018:- 10,076 (80,608/8)

4 thoughts on “Sunwolves Attendances 2018- Japan Super Rugby Crowds 2018”

  1. Hello, I would like to know the source of the attendance figure for the match in Hong Kong.
    Thank you!

      1. Thanks for the information. I am one of them, haha!
        Your dedication to keep track of the figures is appreciated.

  2. Thanks or this info. Sad that they didn’t have any games in Japan winning some games!! Could have nudged 20K with the 3 wins in resent weeks.

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