Video Pat Lambie Rhyno Smith Collision 2017- Should Patrick Lambie retire? Repeated concussions

If you’re a Sharks fan, you’d be hoping that Beterridge’s law of headlines should apply to the question asked above. But it is a serious one, given all the concussion and head knock related issues surrounding the sport currently.

Lambie’s career has looked to be in the balance after being pole-axed by CJ Stander last year. Given his style of playing- Lambie is a player who likes to take the ball to the line, instead of shovelling it along from deep, and unlike some other flyhalves, he is a more than capable defender, which means he makes his fair share of tackles instead of being hidden at wing, being afraid to take contact reduces his effectiveness on the field severely.

With Curwin Bosch off with the Baby Boks, Lambie was called back (perhaps too early in our opinion) to lead the side against the Kings, and suffered this sickening accident with his OWN full back Rhyno Smith. If it was a one off, it would perhaps be no issue- but given Lambie’s history of knocks, this could be a real cause for concern. He left the field soon after and was replaced for the rest of the game by Garth April.

Pat’s been a great servant of Sharks rugby, and we wish him the very best.

The Sharks have never had a full season of Lambie in his prime available to them, and this perhaps, is one of the reasons they’ve never won Super Rugby despite being coming close in recent years.

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