Australian Super Rugby Attendances 2017- SR 2017 Crowds in Australia Conference

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Here is a page that details attendances from Australian Super Rugby home fixtures for the 2017 season. Will be regularly updated- last update done after Brumbies vs Hurricanes playoff game game on 21 July, 2017.

Please note that on several occasions, teams do not release official attendance figures- especially in the case of the Rebels, so we’re unable to add crowds for those games.

Queensland Reds (Suncorp Stadium, Brisbane)

Reds vs Sharks Attendance 24 February, 2017 15,015 (Reds 28-26 Natal Sharks)

Reds v Crusaders Attendance 11 March, 2017 17,931 (Reds 20-22 Crusaders)

Reds vs Hurricanes Attendance 1 April, 2017 17,439 (Reds 15-34 Canes)

Reds vs Southern Kings Attendance 15 April, 2017 11,336 (Reds 47-34 Kings)

Reds vs Waratahs Attendance 29 April, 2017 18,781 (Reds 26-29 Tahs)

Reds vs Western Force Attendance 26 May, 2017 12,040 (Reds 26-40 Force)

Reds vs Brumbies Attendance 7 July, 2017 13,264 (Reds 16-15 Brumbies)

Reds Rugby 2017 Average attendance = 105806/7 = 15,115

Western Force

Force v Reds Attendance 2 March, 2017 7,008 (Force 26-19 Reds)

Force vs Kings Attendance 9 April, 2017 8,474 (Force 46-41 Kings)

Force vs Chiefs Attendance 22 April, 2017 14,089 (Force 7-16 Chiefs)

Force vs Emirates Lions 2017 Attendance 29 April 7,351 (Force 15-24 Lions)

Force vs Highlanders 2017 Attendance 20 May 9,814 (Force 6-55 Otago)

Force vs Hurricanes 2017 Attendance NOT Announced 3 June, 2017 (Force 12-34 Canes)

Force vs Rebels 2017 Attendance Not Announced 7 July, 2017 (Force 31-22 Rebels)

Force vs Waratahs 2017 Attendance 10,384 15 July, 2017 (Force 40-11 Tahs)

Western Force Average Attendance 2017 = 57,120/6 = 9,520

ACT Brumbies

Brumbies vs Sharks Attendance 4 March, 2017 8,738 (Brumbies 22-27 Sharks)

Brumbies vs Force Attendance 10 March, 2017 8,647 (Brumbies 25-17 Force)

Brumbies v Highlanders Attendance 25 March, 2017 11,195 (Brumbies 13-18 Otago)

Brumbies v Reds Attendance 8 April, 2017 11,466 (Brumbies 43-10 Reds)

Brumbies vs Blues Attendance 30 April, 2017 12,072 (Brumbies 12-18 Blues)

Brumbies vs Lions Attendance 12 May, 2017 8,034 (Brumbies 6-13 Lions)

Brumbies vs Rebels Attendance 3 June, 2017 8,970 (Brumbies 32-3 Rebels)

Brumbies vs Hurricanes Attendance (Playoff) 21 July, 2017 9,971 (Brumbies 16-35 Canes)

Brumbies Rugby 2017 Average Attendance = 79093/8= 9,887

NSW Waratahs

Waratahs v Force Attendance 11,964 25 February, 2017 (Waratahs 19-13 Force)

Waratahs v Brumbies Attendance 15,911 18 March, 2017 (Waratahs 12-28 Brumbies)

Waratahs v Crusaders Attendance 18,227 2 April, 2017 (Waratahs 22-41 Saders)

Waratahs vs Kings Attendance 10,555 21 April, 2017 (Waratahs 24-26 Kings)

Waratahs vs Blues Attendance 18,381 6 May, 2017 (Tahs 33-40 Auckland Blues)

Waratahs vs Rebels Attendance 15,469 21 May, 2017 (Tahs 50-23 Melbourne)

Waratahs vs Jaguares Attendance 10,992 8 July, 2017 (Tahs 27-40 Jaguares)

Tahs Rugby 2017 Average Attendance = 101499/7= 14,500

Melbourne Rebels (AAMI Park, Melbourne)

Rebels vs Blues Attendance 23 February, 2017 10,265 (Rebels 18-56 Blues)

Rebels v Chiefs Attendance 17 March, 2017 NOT ANNOUNCED (Rebels 14-27 Chiefs)

Rebels v Waratahs Attendance 24 March, 2017 8,142 (Rebels 25-32 Tahs)

Rebels v Brumbies Attendance 15 April, 2017 NOT ANNOUNCED (Rebels 19-17 Brumbies)

Rebels vs Lions Attendance 6 May, 2017 NOT ANNOUNCED (Rebels 10-47 Lions)

Rebels v Reds Attendance 13 May, 2017 6,931 (Rebels 24-29 Reds)

Rebels vs Crusaders Attendance 27 May, 2017 NOT ANNOUNCED (Rebels 19-41 Crusaders)

Rebels vs Jaguares Attendance 14 July, 2017 NOT ANNOUNCED (Rebels 29-32 Jaguares)

Rebels Super Rugby Average Crowd = 25338/3 = 8,446

What is the highest attendance/crowd for a Super Rugby game in Australia in 2017?

The Reds vs Waratahs Aussie derby that registered an attendance of 18,781 at Suncorp. The Waratahs v Blues game that saw 18,381 fans come in at Moore Park was a close second.

Australian Super Rugby teams sorted by average attendance in 2017

1) Reds (15,115)
2) Waratahs (14,500)
3) Brumbies (9,887)
4) Force (9,520)
5) Rebels (8,446)

The Jaguares average more than the Force and Rebels but less than the Brumbies (marginal difference between them and ACT), Tahs and the Reds.

The Johannesburg based Lions are comfortably beating both the Reds and the Tahs in terms of crowds, but there is trouble in Pretoria, where the Bulls are pulling in attendances that must be a great cause for concern at SARU.

The Johannesburg based Lions’ highest crowd this season has been 38,716, which is more than the Reds (18,781) and Tahs’ (18,381) best crowds put together.

The Southern Kings, considered by many to be Super Rugby’s whipping boys, and likely to be culled in 2018, drew 21,096 fans to the Nelson Mandela Bay Stadium when they beat the Sharks 35-32 in Port Elizabeth on 13 May, 2017.

11 thoughts on “Australian Super Rugby Attendances 2017- SR 2017 Crowds in Australia Conference”

  1. The most shocking attendance figures are those of the Waratahs. Not that much better than the Brumbies, and that with Sydney having 12x Canberra’s population.

    Are Sydney rugby fans that fickle?

  2. 15000 in Lang Park – a stadium designed for 50 000 – is ridic when you OWN a purpose built RUGBY stadium that seats 35000.

    1. Seats 52000 for state of origion but compare to Allianz stadium that seats 80000 i think the waratahs have the bigger issue.

  3. I reckon it’s unreasonable to calculate averages when some attendance numbers have not been released. (2 for the Waratahs and 1 for the Rebels).

    If these games are allocated 8,000 (seems like a good number) then the averages become as follows:

    REDS – 15,400

    BRUMBIES – 10,000

    W FORCE – 9,900 (3 games only – should increase after the Lions game)

    WARATAHS – 9,600

    REBELS – 8,500

    Anybody who thinks that Super Rugby isn’t in trouble is delusional.

  4. Andrew Hore in the SMH has provided numbers for the 2 missing Waratah’s games:

    Crusaders – 18,227

    Brumbies – 15,911

    The Rebels v Brumbies was reported as ~7,500

    1. Thanks a ton FF, attendance figures updated for Tahs v Saders and Tahs v Brumbies.

      Is there an official source that quoted Rebels v Brumbies at 7,500?

  5. Why are the Australian Super rugby teams playing in Stadiums they just can’t fill? I would suggest playing in stadiums that they might have the ability to fill, this would create an atmosphere instead of echo chamber that is the Allianz. I could not think of any worse introduction to a sport than a empty stadium with zero atmosphere

    Utilising the Suburban stadia would create a the opportunity to fill a stadium, it also creates buzz with local people that the Tahrs will be playing at “their stadium”, that will be a special event and when it come to the bigger games there will be a thrill of going to Allianz….

  6. We would like to know where you got the Waratahs/Blues crowd number of 18,381 for last Saturday. The crowd looked somewhat smaller than the 10,000 for the previous home game.
    Perhaps there is a typo or is this a piece of “False News”.

    1. Hi Neil,

      We only pick up figures that are officially quoted by the club or reported in the media.

      The 18,381 figure is taken from Iain Payten’s match report for the Daily Telegraph. Quoted from that article

      “The Waratahs’ rousing fightback gave the crowd — reported by NSWRU as 18,381 — something to cheer about and NSW coach Daryl Gibson a small measure of joy”

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